Funding Advice

We are Approved Sub-Contractors for many of the UK’s largest Construction Groups.

Funding Initiatives

The Energy Act 2011 made provisions for the development of a Green Deal and a new Energy Company Obligation (ECO) to replace the existing Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP).

The CESP and CERT funding schemes will come to a close by the end of 2012 and will be replaced by the new Government led Green Deal and ECO initiatives.

Green Deal is a market led framework that will allow individuals and businesses to make energy efficiency improvements to their building at no upfront cost. Central to the Green Deal is a finance mechanism that will allow access to the finance needed for these improvements with repayment made by instalments attached to the electricity bill.

Underpinning the delivery of the Green Deal is the ECO initiative. ECO will replace the CESP and CERT schemes in 2013 and will place one or more obligation on energy companies requiring them to generate a specific amount of carbon credits by facilitating the installation of energy efficiency measures in homes in Great Britain before a set deadline. ECO has been designed to fit within the Green Deal Framework and provide support, in the domestic sector, where Green Deal finance alone is not enough.

HA Marks offer a selection of external wall insulation options and finishes, to suit a wide range of buildings which are designed to meet the external insulated facade system requirements under the new Green Deal and ECO initiatives.

HA Marks can oversee the project in its entirety; check if your property is eligible for funding support and source that funding for your scheme.

H.A Marks are accredited / approved installers of:

SIKA structural bonded systems
CGL Metal cladding
Sotech metal cladding
PSP Metal cladding
James & Taylor Terracotta rainscreens
Tellings Terracotta rainscreens
Corium brick slips
Rockpanel cladding
Kingspan Benchmark cladding